Broccolini® – It’s a hands-down winner for your weeknight dinners

June 23, 2021

Broccolini® is a great veggie option for everyday use and a terrific all-rounder for family meals. It’s delicious, infinitely versatile, easy to prepare and, thanks to its tender, edible stems, there’s virtually no waste to speak of.

Here’s why Broccolini® is on high rotation in Aussie kitchens and fast becoming the veggie of choice for so many happy home chefs.

It tastes great

Broccolini® is the hip, hybrid cousin of two delicious veggies - broccoli and Gai Lan (also known as Chinese Kale). And (just quietly) we think it inherited all of the best family genes! With its broccoli-like florets and elegant Gai Lan stems and leaves, Broccolini® offers the best of both worlds.

It has everything you love about the taste of regular broccoli and then some! In fact, Broccolini® is loved by adults and kids alike for its superior nutty flavour and tender, edible stems. Broccolini® is also often described as being slightly sweeter than broccoli with a mellower aftertaste that appeals to a wider range of palates. So it’s more likely that even fussy eaters will give it the thumbs up.

Blanch, steam, grill or even bake Broccolini® – no matter which way you cook it, the superb flavour is enhanced by even the simplest preparation.


Recipe - Broccolini with Honey soy beef Hokkien Noodles Recipe - Broccolini with Coconut Lime Dressing


Serves: 4   Prep time: 5 mins   Cook time: 10 mins

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Serves: 4   Prep time: 5 mins   Cook time: 9 mins

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there's no waste

Not only do the taste and texture give it a jump on ordinary broccoli, there’s also way less waste. In fact, you can think of Broccolini® as the “top to tail” version of broccoli.

Peeling and chopping regular broccoli stems can be a chore. Even after cooking, you can end up with some woody remnants that are, well, a bit on the chewy side!

Every bit of the Broccolini® is tender, including the florets and stems. There’s no need to peel or discard any part of it, giving you more to eat and less to throw away.


Broccolini® is the ultimate people pleaser and is so easy to add to any family meal. 

As an ingredient, working with Broccolini® is a breeze. In fact, there’s virtually no prep work and while chopping it in pieces is an option, for many recipes you simply add it whole.

Whether you’re cooking with fish, poultry, beef or lamb you can rely on Broccolini® to provide the perfect complement. Pasta, pizzas and risottos can be brought to life with Broccolini®, along with omelettes, quiches and eggs-based dishes.

As it holds flavour so well, Broccolini® is also a superb base ingredient for vegetarian and vegan dishes that make use of sauces and spices to enhance their taste.

When all else fails and the perfect recipe eludes you, keep it simple by arranging steamed Broccolini® on a platter with a classic dressing like butter and parsley or a zesty vinaigrette.

it's easy to store

Buying your Broccolini® a little ahead of time is fine – it keeps well in the fridge for up to five days. Remove the biodegradable bands and tag and store it loosely in a fridge-friendly bag. Broccolini loves a little breathing room so it’s best to leave the bag unsealed. 

You can also plan ahead and buy a few bunches to freeze for future meals. Blanching or steaming your Broccolini® first makes for better freezing – and helps to retain the colour, texture, taste and nutritional goodness.

Simply cook in boiling water or in a steamer for a few minutes, dip in cold water and lay flat on a tray in the freezer. When frozen, transfer to ziplock freezer bags or closed containers. Frozen Broccolini® can be kept in the freezer for up to six months before you need to use it. 

When you’re ready to use your frozen Broccolini®, simply add to your recipe and let the heat work its magic!


it's so, so good for you! 

Did we mention the health benefits of Broccolini®? 

It’s part of the brassica family of veggies and as such is packed with anti-ageing vitamins A and C, and key nutrients like potassium and beta-carotene, all of which provide a boost to heart health and immune function. It’s also chock full of fibre and great fuel for good gut bacteria to flourish.

And since it’s so easy to add a bunch or two of Broccolini® to your dinner, there’s really no excuse to avoid “getting your greens on” every day.


it's a top choice for weeknight dinners

Perfection Fresh Broccolini® is a clear-cut winner for weeknight dinners and we have a host of simple and delicious recipes that take the stress out of creating superb family meals. Make it the star ingredient in your everyday cooking repertoire and toss some in your trolley next time you shop.




Broccolini® – It’s a hands-down winner for your weeknight dinners

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Broccolini® – It’s a hands-down winner for your weeknight dinners

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