CEO Update - Creating connections through food

August 1, 2020

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I’ve been thinking a lot about family this week – the COVID situation in Australia, particularly in Victoria, is seeing many of us unable to connect as closely and as often as we’d like.

Family comes in different forms – whether we’re related or close friends we’d do anything for. Human connection is critical, and in its absence, life can be more difficult than it should be.


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My father started on a small farm and fruit shop in Moorebank in south western Sydney in the mid 1950’s and then in 1978 started Perfection Fresh at the Sydney Markets . He’d migrated from a small Italian town with very little except a very strong family and work ethic , and a desire to make a living in his new country.

My siblings and I grew up surrounded by the very best in fruits and vegetables. And when we had the option to pursue alternative career paths, we chose food – and together we’ve grown that business into Perfection Fresh, bringing the best produce to families across Australia and now other parts of the world. 


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Why did we continue to focus on food? It’s because food brings people together, it helps create that connection. Think back to the times you felt most comforted – chances are, there was food. Food creates special memories – people often talk about the Sunday roasts they ate at their grandparents’ home, or Christmas spreads or that time they travelled with a friend and ate a local delicacy. Food feeds our soul as well as our stomachs. And if we can bring that to you, then we’ve done our job. 


Perfection Fresh Minestrone Recipe


On our website, you’ll find an easy but delicious Minestrone soup, and a One Pan Broccolini® Caprese Chicken. For a dessert using our lovely blueberries – grown in Queensland and Tasmania – try this Blueberry Crumble Slice. All warming, comforting food that’s good for you.

This month, if you can, reach out to your family – no matter what that looks like.

Stay well until next time.



CEO Update - Creating connections through food

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CEO Update - Creating connections through food

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