Fresh and In Season - August

July 30, 2020

Fresh and in Season-1

Fruit & Vegetables in abundance and at their best this August.



Bambino Baby Brussels Sprouts_300g_Mockup

Where are Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts grown?

Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts are in peak supply July to August. These sweet green baby buttons are grown in South Australia where the cold weather makes for tender and sweet sprouts. 

Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts are a good source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K, making it the perfect winter veg.

People_Growers_LR_Baby Brussels Sprouts_John Cranwell13

How to use Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts? 

Make the most out of fresh Perfection Bambino® Baby Brussels Sprouts this July and experiment with this delicious Roasted Parmesan Bambino Baby Brussels Sprouts. 

Recipe_LR_Roasted Parmesan Brussels Sprouts_02_Janelle Bloom

TREVISO™ RADICCHIO LETTUCEProduce_LR_Treviso Radicchio_Pack_2_etched

What is Treviso?

If you like your lettuce with zesty spirit, then you'll love these firm, crunchy petals with their slightly bitter bite. An Italian delicacy, Trevisoradicchio's long, magenta leaves and creamy white veins make for the perfect salad scoop. Especially when matched with a delicious dip. Treviso is also a good source of Vitamin K! Healthy winter snack anyone?

Where is Trevisogrown?

Grown in Victoria and Queensland, Treviso™ is in peak supply during the Winter.

How to use Treviso?

Switch up your salad or dish by throwing in this vibrant red plash of colour. Our favourite recipe this month is our Roasted Treviso Radicchio, Fennel & Blood Orange Salad. 

 Recipe_LR_Roasted Treviso Radicchio_Fennel_Blood Orange_Salad_01_Janelle Bloom





Where are our mushrooms grown?

A canopy of lush white lily pads, our mushrooms are grown in Victoria under a controlled environment that allows for a year round consistent supply of premium mushrooms. These white beauties are robust in flavour with a dense, meaty texture. 

How to use mushrooms this Winter?Places_FR_Mushrooms_Parwan Valley _140512 003

Raw or cooked, Australian mushrooms are the perfect winter super-food, jam packed with essential vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin D and selenium. They also contain a wide range of valuable antioxidants that may assist in boosting your immunity. Our favourite recipe this month is a quick and delicious Mediterranean Vegetable Stew. 



Fresh and In Season - August

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Fresh and In Season - August

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