Fresh and In Season - November

Fruit & Vegetables in abundance and at their best this November.


Calypso® mango season is in full swing. Sweet and juicy, Calypso® mangoes are coming out of the Northern Territory this November. You should be seeing their beautiful sun kissed blush in most independents and supermarkets across the country.

Take advantage of the Spring weather and the abundance of Calypso® mangoes available and add them to your breakfast, lunch and dinner menu! 



Try this delicious Calypso® Mango Smoothie Pancakes recipe today. Calypso Mango Smoothie Pancakes


Try this delicious Calypso® Mango & Prawn Rice Paper Rolls recipe today. 

Calypso Mango and Qukes Baby Cucumber Prawn Rice Paper Rolls


Try this delicious Calypso® Mango, Pork & Peanut Larb recipe today. 

Calypso Mango_Pork Larb

Find more Calypso® mango recipes here. 

 See how Calypso® meets fashion.



Qukes Baby Cucumber 250g Pack

What are Qukes® baby cucumbers?

Our Qukes® baby cucumbers are in season and its the perfect time to enjoy them! This gorgeously crunchy and refreshing small veg has a refreshing and cleansing flavour.

Packed with vitamin C, they make the perfect on the go snack or addition to the kids lunch box.  

Where Qukes® baby cucumbers are grown 

Qukes® are grown in a protected environment to help us maintain optimal growing conditions for producing consistently top quality Qukes®. They are Australian grown across multiple states. Read more on where we grow here.

How to use Qukes® baby cucumbers? 

Eating healthy doesn't need to be boring. Try our No Cook Felafel & Qukes® Snack Bowl for the perfect work lunch or entertain with our Qukes® Nachos Lettuce Cup Platters.

Qukes Minicaps Solanato Easy Falafel Snack Bowl

Nachos Lettuce Cup Platter


Available from the 20th of November

What is Bambino® Sweet Baby Cabbage?

Bambino Sweet Baby Cabbage

Exclusively grown by Perfection, Bambino® Sweet Baby Cabbage will be your new secret weapon for entertaining and enjoyable healthy eating. Our latest innovation is the perfect addition to the brassica family.  This game changer combines the best attributes of iceberg lettuce and cabbage. A similar size to a romaine lettuce, its size makes it the perfect no waste alternative to regular cabbage.
It can be cooked or eaten raw. Its size makes it functional and perfect for snacking. 
For its unique attributes and functionality find out more here. 

Where is Bambino® Sweet Baby Cabbage grown?

This field grown veg is grown in NSW this season. 

How to use Bambino® Sweet Baby Cabbage? 

Find out what the fuss is about and try this beautiful roasted Bambino® sweet baby cabbage with lemon and caper dressing recipe. It will make the non-cabbage lover turn. 


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