Fresh and In Season - October

October 7, 2020

Fruit & Vegetables in abundance and at their best this October.


Kumato 500g Tomato pack

What are Kumato® tomatoes?

Live on the wild side with our enticing Kumato® tomatoes – a flavour discovery that’s unique to Perfection Fresh. Radiating with robust richness, they are bold and authentic in flavour. Their dark, mysterious charm comes from a natural crossing of wild and domestic tomato varieties. And they taste as good as they look!

Where are Kumato® tomatoes grown?

This October our Kumato® tomatoes are in season and bursting with flavour. Our tomatoes are grown mostly in Virginia South Australia, in our Perfection Fresh Glasshouses located in Two Wells South Australia, and in Victoria. We first came across these lively Kumato® characters in Europe, before bringing them home to grow and share with our Australian customers. 


How to use Kumato® tomatoes? 

Kumato Stages_landscapeKumato tomatoes can be used at any flavour stage:

  • Green in colour the with their bottoms turning brown means they’re firm and flavourful and slices beautifully;
  • Deep brown with hints of green indicates a firm, juicy and very flavourful - at it's most ideal eating stage;
  • Deep brown to dark red is soft, very juicy and mild makes this tomato stage perfect for cooking.

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy Kumato® tomatoes. This week try out this delicious Souvlaki Bowl recipe.   

Smashed Qukes Souvlaki Bowl

Produce_LR_Kumato_Kumato Loves_Janelle Bloom_2020_01

Find out more about our Perfection Kumato® tomatoes, their stages and more recipe inspirations. 



Mixamato_olive oil and Salt 320g_pack

Where are Mix-a-mato® tomatoes grown?

Mix-a-mato® tomatoes continue to be in season and bursting with flavour this October. Our medley of red, yellow, brown and green tomatoes are grown in our Perfection Fresh Glasshouses located in Two Wells South Australia. Each pack provides a flavour fiesta from super sweet to deep and rich. 

How to use Mix-a-mato® tomatoes? 

BBQ season is here! Try these delicious Mix-a-mato® tomato and barbecued haloumi skewers

Tomato Medley Charred Haloumi Skewers
 calypso season is here-01


What makes Calypso® mangoes different?

Calypso mango styled

Calypso® mangoes are a specific mango variety first introduced to the Australian market in 1999. It is the 'daughter' of a Kensington Pride and a Sensation, and combines the best of both varieties giving more beautiful and delicious mango. With more flesh and less seed, it is pure juicy sweetness without all the stringy bits. 

Calypso® mangoes have more pink blush than other varieties. To ensure your mango is ready to eat make sure there is no green tinge to the skin and it has turned a golden yellow.

How to use a Calypso® mango? 

Sure, you can eat them fresh. They are easier to eat because there is more flesh and less seed so you get more mouthfuls of juicy mango. But try cooking your mango and be taken on a journey of new eating discoveries. They cook beautiful without falling apart and make wonderful additions to savoury dishes as well as the sweet dishes. Try Barbecue Chilli Lime Calypso® Mango with Prawns

Calypso Mango FarmBarbecue Chilli Limo Calypso Mango with Prawns



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Fresh and In Season - October

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Fresh and In Season - October

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