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Fruit & Vegetables in abundance and at their best this September.


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Where are Mix-a-mato® tomatoes grown?

This September our Mix-a-mato® tomatoes are in season and bursting with flavour. Our medley of red, yellow, brown and green tomatoes are grown in our Perfection Fresh Glasshouses located in Two Wells South Australia. Each pack provides a flavour fiesta from super sweet to deep and rich. 

How to use Mix-a-mato® tomatoes? 

Spring is the perfect time to enjoy Mix-a-mato® tomatoes. Tossed into a simple and healthy olive oil and salt salad for lunch or added to Margherita, Chilli Prawn Pizza for a weekend treat, these tomatoes will add colour and flavour to any occasion. 

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Find out more about our Perfection tomato glasshouse here.

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What are Qukes® Baby Cucumbers?

Qukes® baby cucumbers are promising this September with their sun sweetened flavour and cool, cleansing crunch.  Exclusive to Perfection, Qukes® baby cucumbers are grown in our Two Wells, South Australia glasshouses.

How to use Qukes® Baby Cucumbers?

Qukes® baby cucumbers are the ultimate fresh snack but make the perfect addition to any recipe. Put a spring in your step with this quick and easy Pickled Qukes® Baby Cucumber recipe. 

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Where are our Speciality Tomatoes grown?

Our snacking tomatoes are ballooning with high sugar sweetness this September. Glasshouse grown and packed with antioxidants, these grape tomatoes are the perfect bite size tomato rich in flavour. 

How to use our Speciality Tomatoes?

Speciality tomatoes are perfect raw or cooked. Check out this perfect Spring Romatherapy®  Tomato & Chargrilled Mexican Beef Salad. 

Recipe_LR_Romatherapy_Romatherapy Tomato Chargrilled Mexican Beef Salad_Janelle Bloom_2019_04

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