How to Stick with your Health Goals - Consider the Obstacles

December 31, 2020

How to stick with your health goals



We can have a clear vision and a watertight plan however it’s normal for challenges to crop up as we head towards changing our habits and behaviours.

Planning for setbacks and creating contingencies sets you up for greater success as you can prepare in advance for how you will react when a situation arises.

Setback example 1: Your work colleagues are going for a pub lunch and you have a delicious Calypso® Mango noodle salad in the fridge.  You want to avoid the temptation to eat chips at the pub so what script do you need to prepare to politely decline (and enjoy your delicious salad in peace)?

Calypso Mango Qukes Baby Cucumbers Noodle Salad

Setback example 2: Your friends want to meet up Sunday afternoon and that’s when you normally do your food shopping and get prepared for the week ahead. When else can you plan to do the shopping trip to stock up on Calypso® mangoes?

Setback example 3: You’re invited to a BBQ and want to skip the processed sausages and white bread. Can you take your own delicious healthy dish like the Calypso® Mango Prawn kebabs?

Calypso Mango Prawn Kebabs Sweet Chili Avocado Dip

Setback example 4: It’s a birthday at work and they’re handing out chocolate cake. What will you do? Planning ahead means you can have a fresh, sweet and delicious Calypso® mango at the ready to enjoy, instead of sugar laden chocolate cake, and skip feeling disappointed in yourself later.

Calypso Mango

You’re in the mood for a sweet treat, but you’re committed to staying true to your health goals. Buying a tray of Calypso® Mangoes means you always have the perfect indulgent tasting treat on hand to satisfy your cravings in the healthiest way.

Calypso Mango Box

Of course you can’t plan for every possible situation and trigger, however creating contingency plans gives you more confidence and the greatest chance of success as you’ve pre-thought and prepared for the challenges that may interrupt your goal .

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How to Stick with your Health Goals - Consider the Obstacles

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How to Stick with your Health Goals - Consider the Obstacles

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