How to track your health goals (FREE habit tracker)

December 31, 2020

How to track your health goalsAs well as keeping you focussed on your goals, tracking your behaviour also promotes accountability and awareness. The tracking process in itself means your continually revisit your goal and the plan, and check where it may need tweaking.

Reflecting on your progress at the end of week is a great opportunity to reflect on how the behaviour is making you feel what benefits have you noticed. You can see at a glance how many healthy meals using Calypso® Mangoes you’d had this week, and think about all the nutrients you have given your body to help it function at and feel its best.Calypso Mango

Ticking off the day and seeing your achievements can be very motivating. Give yourself a pat on the back for the days you stuck to your plan and your goals, and once you start to see a run of success, you feel more motivated to not break the chain!

Notice how the new behaviour makes you feel, including the pride you feel when you know you have eaten well, topped up your nutrients with Calypso® Mangoes, and enjoyed every last bite of the deliciously


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Calypso® mangoes are the essential sweet ingredient for a healthy New Year. With more flesh and less seed, these naturally delicious super fruits deliver on nutrition with >50% RDI for Vitamin C in one cheek, supporting you to look and feel well. With less than 80 calories in one cheek you can indulge your taste beds and stay on track for your health goals.

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How to track your health goals (FREE habit tracker)

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How to track your health goals (FREE habit tracker)

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