CEO Update - Spring means al fresco freshness

September 8, 2020

People_LR_Staff_Michael Simonetta_Two Wells_1840-1Spring is finally here and I don’t know about you, but it’s been a long time coming after such a tough year. Spring means warmer days, more incentive to get out and about, and, of course, access to a wider range of vibrant fresh produce. At this time of year, many fruits and vegetables come into their own.

Spring also means al fresco eating – whether that’s a BBQ in the backyard or a picnic by the water. One of the joys of this job is discovering the many different ways to use the beautiful fresh produce we’re privileged to have in Australia, and this spring we’ve created some delicious recipes using the best of the season’s produce, covering every occasion.

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Minicaps Baby Capsicums Mezze Barbecue SaladTry the Minicaps® Baby Capsicums Mezze Barbecue Salad, a fairly simple but flavour-packed side dish or a meal on its own. These are in season now, and on the bbq, they caramelise and char to give a sweet but punchy flavour injection into any salad, or even as a side dish on their own, drizzled with a little extra virgin olive oil and balsamic. You can make it in advance and take it with you to a picnic – it’s a different flavour experience eaten cold or hot.


Broccolini BBQ CajunAt home, while you’re on the grill, try the Barbecued Cajun Broccolini® - a robust addition to steaks and chops.




Broccolini with Teriyaki BeefA quick evening meal is our Broccolini® and Teriyaki Beef – just 5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to cook while you decompress from your day, whatever that looks like.




Qukes Broccolini Solanato Smashed Qukes Vegan BowlOn the weekend, when there’s a bit more time, a health-filled meal is our Smashed Qukes® Vegan Bowl. Yes it takes a bit of time but it’s worth it for the combination of veggies and flavour that can’t be beaten.



Spring always brings with it a freshness and anticipation, but my thoughts are with those parts of our country which are still experiencing the difficulties of ongoing restrictions. This is why this year’s R U Ok? Day, on Thursday September 10, is so important. While we don’t need a day to reach out to one another, it’s an excellent reminder that we have someone we can lean on. Stay connected with people you love, listen, and keep an eye out for each other. We all need support at times, and never more so than during this challenging time.

Stay well.



CEO Update - Spring means al fresco freshness

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CEO Update - Spring means al fresco freshness

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