How to know when your Calypso® Mango is ripe?


How do you check your Calypso® Mango is just perfect?

There are three stages of ripeness that can be determined by the squeeze test, sniff test and taste test. If your mango isn't quite ripe yet, keep it out at room temperature our of direct sunlight and heat to ripen. A cool spot on your kitchen bench will be just fine but make sure you keep it away from ripening bananas (they’ll make your mango over-ripen very quickly). Read on, or see our infographic below for a quick visual overview.

Calypso_3 stages of ripeness_infographic_2020-01


Stage 1 Calypso® Mango

Appearance: Greener skin but would still have a pink blush. If you see any freckles, they will be quite small

Squeeze test: Hard

Sniff Test: No mango aroma

Taste Test: Will have a green flavour

Stage 2 Calypso® Mango

Appearance: Pale yellow skin with a pink blush. When cut, the flesh will start to develop colour closest to the seed but remain paler near the skin

Squeeze test: Firm with a subtle give

Sniff Test: Mild mango aroma

Taste Test: Bland

Stage 3 Calypso® Mango

Appearance: Light golden yellow colour with freckles and when cut flesh will be golden and juicy

Squeeze test: Soft

Sniff Test: Strong Mango Aroma

Taste Test: Sweet

When your mango has wrinkly skin its past its prime!

On how to hedgehog your Calypso® Mango, see this quick video.