Summer Graze - Tips for Creating Fresh Grazing Boards

November 25, 2020

Summer-Graze-Blog-BannerThere’s something about relaxing in the sun on a warm Summers day, sharing simple, fresh food with family & friends that seems to capture the fondest of memories.

Whether it be a lazy Sunday brunch, a picnic on the beach or an afternoon of cocktails & entertaining at home, grazing is a relaxed & social way to enjoy great food. Grazing boards can be visually beautiful, brimming with different ingredients with tastes to please everyone and the best part is, they can be pre-prepared so the host can relax and enjoy.

Here are our top tips on creating the ultimate grazing boards:


Decide on a theme, cuisine or type of meal to serve – anywhere from traditional cheese & charcuterie style to deserts, pancake boards, boards full of different appetizers from a particular cuisine, is it breakfast, lunch, dinner or a board of healthy after school snacks for the kids?

Gather your board or multiple boards and small bowls or ramekins to display certain ingredients.

INGREDIENTS - Moving on from cabanossi and cheese

Gone are the days where we throw some cabanossi, tasty cheese & Jatz on a platter (although I secretly love that combination). A modern grazing board should include a mix of colourful quality ingredients that not only taste great but are visually appealing too. For a traditional style, think a mix of cheeses, charcuterie, crackers, dips, nuts, antipasti and of course fruit & veg. But don’t stop there! Why not create a breakfast grazing platter with toasted Turkish bread and delicious toppings like smashed Qukes® and smoked salmon, sauteed Mix-a-Mato® tomatoes and Persian feta or roasted Petite™ tomatoes with scrambled eggs or a ‘choose your own adventure’ pav board – with mini pavlova nests, whipped cream, fresh fruit bowls, fruit compotes and even some melted chocolate for drizzling.

MORE INGREDIENTS - How to introduce fresh produce to your boards

We’re all about fresh and understand not only the health benefits but how delicious it can be, especially when transformed into bite-sized portions of deliciousness, fit to please any foodie.

Think seasonal – we’re lucky in Australia, most of our fresh fruit & veg is grown right here - so more often than not, what you see in the supermarket or greengrocer is in season produce.

Fresh transformed – There are different ways to incorporate fresh produce onto your board – We like to add a mix of fresh – like halved Qukes® baby cucumbers, Petite™ snacking tomatoes, Perfection berries & Calypso® mango cheeks. And transformed – think roasted Minicaps® baby capsicums, barbecued Broccolini®, garlic sauteed Mix-a-Mato® tomatoes or halved Qukes® baby cucumbers topped with cream cheese & dukkah – the combinations are endless.


When it comes time to build your masterpiece, start with the largest items first – place any bowls or ramekins in position, fill with dips, antipasti or other ingredients and follow with items like cheeses, breads, charcuterie and larger fruits & veg. Then onto crackers, smaller fruits, veg & nuts. Decorate and add colour with fresh herbs, edible flowers and extra small fruits like berries.


Get ready to bask in the glory of your creation and be present to enjoy it – not slaving away in the kitchen. Remember, the limits are only your imagination - here’s a few of our fave's to get you started:





Summer Graze - Tips for Creating Fresh Grazing Boards

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Summer Graze - Tips for Creating Fresh Grazing Boards

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