Red Tip® Bananas & Sustainable Farming Practices

July 6, 2021

You may have seen these bananas in stores and wondered what the red wax tip means and what the difference is from a regular banana. We are here to tell you all about them with, 5 facts about sustainably farmed Red Tip® Ecoganic® Bananas.


The Red Tip® you see on bananas is used to identify bananas that have been grown using a sustainable farming practice, known as an ecosystem. This approach helps to produce a sweet-tasting banana that is both good for you and good for the environment.

Grown using sustainable farming practices

The ecosystem was created to farm in harmony with nature rather than relying on chemicals (both synthetic and organic) to grow a banana sustainably.

It is a different organic farming system designed to protect the biodiversity and the environment. Insects, soil, birds, and plants are a key feature in helping to create a strong and healthy environment to grow sustainably farmed produce.

Red Tip® Ecoganic® Bananas are grown in Far North Queensland where the aim is to reduce degradation of the surrounding land and the Great Barrier Reef, ensuring we can provide sustainable food for the future.

Red Tip Banana Plantation

proudly endorsed by the great barrier reef foundation

insects are vital for the health of the farm

Ecoganic® farming does not use insecticides, nematicides and miticides on the soil, instead using only minimal but natural fertilisers that have very little impact on water quality. For over 16 years, Ecoganic® has been leading the way in sustainable farming with a unique sustainable method that has minimal impact on the land, waterways and the Great Barrier Reef, for this, in 2017 The Great Barrier Reef Foundation endorsed Ecoganic® for their proactive and innovative farming, sharing the same goals of protecting the reef and waterways.


“Red Tip® bananas have been helping save the Reef for over 16 years” – Great Barrier Reef Foundation Managing Director Anna Marsden

Endorsed by Great Barrier Reef Foundation

What is the wax coating on Red Tip® bananas?

You may be curious to know why we dip the fruit in coloured wax and whether it is safe.

The wax tip is an identifier for consumers to know they are buying an Ecoganic® banana. This trademarked waxing of the bananas will not be found elsewhere giving retailers & consumers’ confidence that they are buying genuine Red Tip® Ecoganic® bananas.

Ecoganic® bananas are harvested by hand

No machinery is used to harvest the bananas.

Our pickers use a cane knife to cut the branch by hand and lower the fruit on their shoulders. Once on their shoulder, the bunch is cut off and loaded on a trailer used to gather all of the fruit. The ‘tree’ is cut down and placed carefully back down to mulch and continue to build, strengthen and protect the environment.


Bananas hanging from tree

The pups (baby banana plants) that grow at the base of the plant are replanted for a future harvest.

Once the trailer is full, it is transported to the packing shed where the bunches are washed, the fruit is then dipped in the food grade wax, packed, and then undergoes a final quality check before being transported to stores.


Did you know? The banana ‘tree’ isn’t a tree at all. It is a very large herb. Being a herb, bending and cutting the bananas is easier because it has a pseudostem not a trunk.

A distinctive flavoured banana

The Red Tip® Ecoganic® banana is a fruit with a sweeter creamier flavour and a denser texture that lasts longer on shelf or in your pantry. These bananas are firm and fleshy allowing for easy slicing.

Red Tip Ecoganic Banana

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Red Tip® Bananas & Sustainable Farming Practices

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Red Tip® Bananas & Sustainable Farming Practices

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