Tom Walton Explores the Flavours of Fioretto®and Broccolini®

Tom Walton Explores the Flavours of Fioretto® and broccolini®

Fioretto and Broccolini by Chef Tom Walton

Tom Walton

Tom Walton is a young Bondi chef, restaurant owner and father who's passion for food extends into health, nutrition and lifestyle.

Chef Walton showcases his favourite ways to cook up Fioretto® and Broccolini® and lets us in on his top tips for usage.

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Grilled Broccolini® with Spiced Red Lentil & Coconut Dahl.

Full recipe here.

Tom Walton's Moroccan Roast Fioretto® with Farro, Pistachio, Pomegranate & Yoghurt.

Full recipe here.


Produce BroccoliniBroccolini® is the perfect no-prep, no-waste veggie to add bags of flavour and goodness to quick weeknight dinners. Available all year round, the much-loved green is a distinct veggie variety that is a mix of broccoli and Chinese kale. Broccolini® is recognisable by its loose florets and tender stems – distinctively different to broccoli or baby broccoli. Chef Tom Walton says his favourite way to cook Broccolini® is to simply chargrill it for two minutes.

“Don’t cut the stem off, just toss in olive oil and salt then pop it on the grill. It only takes a couple of minutes until it’s bright green, nicely charred and still holding its shape,” said Walton.

“Broccolini® has a slight peppery taste that becomes sweeter as it cooks. It’s a great side for fish or
steak. And I love to dunk it into a herby dip – that’s my type of finger food.”

To keep your Broccolini® crunchy and fresh, keep it cool. Remove the biodegradable bands and tag
and store in a reusable plastic bag in the fridge - don’t seal completely as Broccolini® needs room
to breathe. It will keep for around seven days and simply rinse before using.

Here are chef Tom Walton’s top five tips for using Broccolini®:

Eat Broccolini® stem and all, no need to peel or cut.

Eat Broccolini® stem and all, no need to peel or cut.

Cook on a high heat and for a short amount of time to keep its nutrition and colour.

Cook on a high heat and for a short amount of time to keep its nutrition and colour.

Grilling is a delicious way to enjoy Broccolini® and create some gnarly, delicious charGrilling is a delicious way to enjoy Broccolini® and create some gnarly, delicious char
and flavour.

You can freeze it too! Quickly blanche your Broccolini® in boiling water until it’s brightYou can freeze it too! Quickly blanche your Broccolini® in boiling water until it’s bright
green, chill in iced water and then place stems in a zip-lock bag for freezing. It will last in
the freezer for six months and is super quick to thaw and grill.

How to serve BroccoliniA fun way to serve Broccolini® is to tie the bunch up with twine and roast it. Guests can
untie it at the table.

1. Stir-Fry Star – No prep, no chopping, it’s good to pop straight in a hot wok. Try Broccolini® and Teriyaki Beef
2. Perfect Topper – For a healthy home-made pizza that’s quicker than delivery try Broccolini® and Chorizo Pizza
3. Prep Refresh – Adding grilled Broccolini® to a prepped meal is a great way to freshen flavours. Tom Walton’s Broccolini® and Spiced Red Lentil and Coconut Dahl is perfect to prep ahead. Make the dahl and freeze in serves so it’s ready to heat and eat. Then all you need to do is chargrill the Broccolini®.
4. Nice Noodles – Broccolini® is bold enough to carry strong Asian flavours. Try a quick
Broccolini® Prawn Pad Thai or Broccolini® with Honey Soy Beef Hokkien Noodles.
5. Ultimate Wing-Man – Grilling Broccolini® (see how-to demo by chef Tom Walton) creates a delicious, sweet, smoky side dish that’s perfect with salmon, chicken or steak. A fresh and quick dinner in 15 minutes.

Did you know Broccolini-1-1

  • Broccolini® is cross between broccoli & Chinese kale grown exclusively in Australia by Perfection Fresh.
  • It’s entirely edible with a mild peppery taste that becomes sweeter when cooked.
  • Broccolini® is not baby broccoli. It’s a specialty veggie that’s sweeter with delicate feathered florets and more tender stems.

About Fioretto

Fioretto 150g mockup-1Fioretto® cauli blossom is now in season and in abundance, with a longer season window so you’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful veggie well into November. Aptly named Fioretto®, meaning ‘little flower’ in Italian, this pretty veggie is entirely edible with deliciously tender stems and a creamy texture. Its flavour is sweeter than traditional cauliflower and there’s no cauliflower smell when it cooks!

“I like to roast Fioretto® cauli-blossom with a little olive oil because its sweet flavour works so well with some light charring,” said Walton.

“It roasts in just 10 minutes and its stems turn bright green when ready, making the tiny white flowers appear even more delicate. It really is a pretty veggie and instantly makes a dish that little bit more special. I love it for entertaining, especially when building flavours and layering it up on platters and in warm winter salads.

“You can even use it to create a gourmet take on cauliflower and cheese. Simply top roasted
Fioretto® cauli-blossom with Gruyère, or your favourite melting cheese, and pop it under the grill
for two minutes. It’s so deliciously good.”

Much more than a pretty veg, Fioretto® cauli-blossom is low in calories, a source of fibre and
contains vitamin C, vitamin K, folate, and potassium. It’s no wonder it has good health credentials,
it belongs to the brassica veggie family that includes Broccolini®, kale and Brussel sprouts.

First time with Fioretto®?

For anyone who’s yet to give cauli-blossom a try, here are Chef Tom Walton’s tips to mastering

How to prep fioretto cauli blossomPrep - Fioretto® cauli-blossom needs little preparation. Simply pull apart the bouquet
and use. You can eat the whole veggie. For larger florets, you can simply slice them in
half lengthways.

How to cook fio9rettoCook - Cook on a high heat and for a short amount of time to keep its nutrition
and sweet flavour. While it appears delicate, Fioretto® is a very versatile veggie and
can stand up to any cooking method. It can be grilled, roasted, steamed, blanched,
barbequed, stir fried, pickled or even eaten raw. What’s even better, it doesn’t smell like
traditional cauliflower when it’s cooking.

What to pair fioretto withPair - Its sweet creamy flavour works with any cuisine. Fioretto® pairs deliciously well
with chilli, lemon, garlic, anchovy, miso and herbs. Dress your Fioretto® with vin cotto
for a sweeter dish and vinaigrettes, like sherry, for a sharper finish. Fragrant spices like
cumin, carraway, coriander and curry spice, pair well with Fioretto®, as well as Asian
seasonings like soy, sesame oil and oyster sauce.

How to store fiorettoStore - The best way to store Fioretto® is simply in its pack in the fridge.

did you know fioretto-1



  • Fioretto® means “little flower” in Italian.
  • It’s entirely edible with tender stems and sweet creamy blossoms.
  • Fioretto® looks delicate but it’s a versatile veggie that can be cooked in any way or eaten raw. What’s even better, there’s no cauliflower smell when it cooks.

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