4 Must Try Fresh Desserts to Impress this Christmas

November 27, 2020

The most wonderful time of the year just got better!

Welcome to our top 4 list of impressive Christmas desserts. We are all about indulgent fresh treats that aren't complicated but are none-the-less impressive. Tag us in your creations @perfectionfreshaus #perfectionfresh 

No Christmas festivity is complete without a little kick from some trusty booze. 


1. Calypso® Mango & Berry Fruit Salad with Rosé

Calypso Mango & Berry Fruit Salad with Rosé Syrup

Our first recipe adds a little kick to the menu... but not so much your guests won't remember your efforts. 

A naughty and nice dessert? yes please! We are all about fresh at Perfection. Check out this fresh Calypso® mango and Perfection berry fruit salad. Perfect for the Summer, this recipe is simple and fresh with a kick of Rosé. Calypso® mangoes are perfect in this recipe as they are stringless, which means no bits stuck in your guests teeth. 

Full recipe here.

2. Strawberry, Lime and Vanilla Panna Cotta 

Recipe_LR_Strawberries_Strawberry Lime and Vanilla Panna Cotta_Janelle Bloom_2020_01

This beautiful Panna Cotta showcases fresh and in season strawberries. Requiring only 20 minutes of preparation time and 8 ingredients, this simple recipe is an assured crowd pleaser. Just allow enough time for it to set and enjoy!

Full recipe here.

3. Pull Apart Raspberry Pavlova 

Recipe_LR_Raspberries_Pull Apart Raspberry Pavlova_Janelle Bloom_2020_03

The humble Pav- the flavour of an Aussie Christmas. Perfection raspberries are at their best in the Summer. Big, bright and full of flavour. This Aussie favourite requires only 20 minutes of preparation. You will no doubt have your guests praising you for this sweet treat. Bonus tip - you can pre buy the meringue nests for an even quicker show stopper.

 Full recipe here.

4. Calypso® Mango Panna Cotta Tart

Recipe_LR_Calypso Mango_PFA Berries_Panna Cotta Mango Berry Tart_04_Janelle Bloom_2019

Cut into this for the perfect celebration slice! A show stopping tart that will have you dinner party ready with only 30 minutes preparation time. Fresh, tropical and beautiful, your guests will be wowed as you approach them with this treat. Calypso® mangoes have a firmer flesh than other varieties, making them perfect for slicing and decorating. 

Your guests will not be lacking Christmas cheer when they get a bite of this.

Full recipe here.


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4 Must Try Fresh Desserts to Impress this Christmas

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4 Must Try Fresh Desserts to Impress this Christmas

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