Mango lovers rejoice! Calypso® mangoes, the variety with more mango and less seed, are back in season from late October this year.

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The perfect Summer time fruit, Calypso® mangoes are grown in the Australian tropics. Calypso® mangoes have irresistibly sweet flesh that’s firm and without the stringy bits that get stuck in your teeth. The season commences in the Northern Territory and ends in far North Queensland. 

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How to pick the perfect Calypso® mango?

Calypso® mangoes are ripe and ready to eat when you buy them in store, but there are times when you want one that’s ripe and ready to eat today and other times when you will want to keep it for later in the week.


How can you tell which mango to choose?

  • Look for the beautiful pink blush
  • When the pointy end (not the one with the stem) gives just slightly to gentle pressure from your thumb.
  • If it’s too soft, the mango is over ripe - perfect for a smoothie

How to keep your Calypso® mango?

Use our selection hints to buy one Calypso® Mango that’s ready to eat today, and one that will be perfect tomorrow – that way you won’t miss out!

The best place to keep your Calypso® Mango is at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and heat. A cool spot on your kitchen bench will be just fine but make sure you keep it away from ripening bananas (they’ll make your mango over-ripen very quickly).

How to cut your Calypso® mango?


Food - Fashion from Recycled Food Waste


A year 12 student has created a spectacular dress from an unexpected source – the husk from one of Australia’s favourite summer fruits, a Calypso® mango.

Jessica Collins from Queensland created the ivory full-length frock as part of her final Design and Technology project, using 1400 seed husks – that’s 700 mangoes which is equivalent to 280kg of Calypso® mangoes.

Read more here.



Where to buy Calypso® mango?


Calypso® mangoes will be available nationally at all major supermarkets, independent retailers, and greengrocers from late October. Find them in the Calypso® blue boxes with a Calypso® blue sticker. Always keep your Calypso® mangoes at room temperature, in a fruit bowl away from direct sunlight and heat.

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